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Roads & paths in South Carolina (cont'd) 1750s & 1760s

This page created 4 Dec 2009; last updated 16 Feb 2015. Road to Saludy Old Town 1763 Crossing of Paths at the Shoals [of?] North fork of Long Cane Creek 1765 Plat for Arthur WATSON showing 2 paths CLOUDs Crk of Little Saluda 1767 on the Road leading from Charlestown to Ninety Six by the Ridge on the waters of CLOUDs Crk

Roads or paths ment'd

Main road to the Congarees & to the Cherokees (shown on 1750 SC plat for Joseph ERSMAN)
Broad Road (shown 1752 SC plat for BELL)
High Hill path to the mines (shown 1755 SC plat ns Wateree R Tavern Crk)
Path to (KENDRICKS)? (ment'd 1755 SC plat ns Wateree R Tavern Crk)
Road to Charlestown (ment'd 1755 SC plat for MEYER adj COX & WILDEMAN)
Waggon Road 4 mi from Fish Dam Shoal of Broad River (shown 1756 Craven Co SC plat for Christopher MILLER ns Broad R South Sandy R)
Road from Santee to upper settlements (ment'd 1757 SC plat for John FURNESS Fredericksburgh Twp)
Road from Silver? Bluff to Windsor Twp (shown 1757 SC plat for George BENDER adj Joachim ZUBLY)
Indian Land Path (shown 1756 SC plat for Alexander WOOD bdn'g on Savannah R near Point Comfort)
Cherokee Road (shown 1756 SC plat for Geo David ZEE bet Saxegotha & Amelia Twp on Sandy Run Crk)
Providence Path (shown 1756 SC plat for Joseph YEATS Providence Sw PEN Br)
Path to PADGETTs & Path to TIMMONS (shown 1753 SC plat for George POTTS ss WOODALL R aka Tyger R)
Path to Congrees & Path to READs? (shown 1753 SC plat for GRIM Little Saluda R CLOUDs Crk PETERs Crk)
Road to Charleston (shown 1764 SC plat for Peter MILLET adj John DARGAN)
Path to Halfway Sw (shown 1767 SC plat for Sanders WALKER Saluda R Red Bank Crk
New Road to Charlestown crossing Swift Crk (shown 1769 SC plat for Robert ENGLISH)
Road to Orangeburgh (shown 1767 SC plat for Margaret COUNCEY at a place called the Punch Bowls)
Wagon Road to Congarees & Path to Wagon Rd (shown 1753 SC plat for Thos KICKELAYTON Wateree Crk bet Broad & Saluda)
Road from the Congarees to the Ridge, Long Canes (shown 1768 SC plat for John FAIRCHILD)
Road (shown 1773 SC plat for KEIGER St Matthews Psh)
Road to High Hill Crk from... (1771 FERSTNER)
Cherokee Path (shown 1755 SC plat for Ann LEAPULET Sandy Run Crk)
Land supposed to remain vacant (ment'd 1771 SC plat FERSNER McCANTYRE KAIT LAPS)
New Road to Charlestown (shown 1757 SC plat for John Thomas KELLER Long Cane Crk LIttle R)


Waggon road (ment'd 1766 Mecklinburgh Co NC cert'd 1775 SC plat ss Fairforest Crk McCLUREs Br)
Road from Fort Prince George to Charleston (shown 1762 SC plat for settlers from the Kingdom of Ireland -- MOTTEs? Creek & branches of Little R & headwaters of Long Cane Crk adj Arch'd McDOWELL & Saluda R))
Old Touglow & Cherokee Paths (shown 1765 SC plat for John HUME on Great Rocky Crk of Savannah R adj David STUART)
BULLOCKs Creek Road (on ns Broad R) (shown 1768 SC plat for John WHITE adj Joseph COBB & Benj ELLIS)
Path [at] HEADLEYs [fork] Indian Crk (shown 1769 SC plat for Isaac EVANS)
Path from James MICHIE Esq (ment'd 1762 SC plat for Maj Wm THOMSON on Buck Head Crk)
Waggon Road from Broad River to Charleston (ment'd 1767 SC plat for Samuel AWBREY on ns of Tyger R on PETERS Crk)
Waggon Road (shown 1767 SC plat for WALLINGTON on KING's Crk)
Broad Path (shown 1767 SC plat Benjamin FARAR)
Road shown on Bounty grant (1767 SC plat for SCHMEDT)
Road from Catawba Nation to CharlesTown (1767 SC plat for Wm WALL on Catawba River adj Abraham STOVER)
Saluda Road at Fish Dam Ford on Broad River (ment'd 1767 SC plat for Richard CROSSBEY)
Path to ? Ferry (shown 1769 SC plat for Wm Dubney COFFIN on Savannah R & Iron Mine Spring adj John WOOD & Edward MAYHAM)
Road to Charlestown (ment'd 1767 SC plat Benjamin THOMSON on DINING Crk of Fairforest Crk, Tyger R)
Old Charlestown Rd & Charlestown Rd fork (shown 1767 SC plat for John BRADLY Fredericksburgh Twp)
PENNINGTON's Road (ment'd 1768 Berkeley Co SC plat for Elizabeth WALLACE nr South Fork of DUNCANs Crk of Enoree R)
Congrees Road (ment'd 1769 SC plat for BARNET)
Waggon Road [to] LISLE's Ford (shown 1768 SC plat ns Broad R)
Path along [Savannah] River (shown 1769 SC plat for Archibald WOOD on Savannah River above Long Cane)
Wagon Road crossing Flat Rock Crk (shown 1762 Craven Co SC plat for Jacob HICKMAN)
Path to ODOM's (shown 1767 SC plat for John CHANWALL Savannah River Tinkers Crk)
New road to ferry (shown 1769 SC plat for Charles McCORD in the fork bet Congaree & Wateree R)
Wagon Road crossing Tyger R (1765 plat for Edward MUSGROVE D.S.)
Rd to Robt SWAN's (ment'd 1767 SC plat Broad R BULLOCKs Crk)

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Paths (pre 1760s)
Roads (post 1770)
Rd to Fort Prince George (James BINGHAM 1766 SC plat in Boonesborough Twp)
Cherokee Rd to Ninety Six (ment'd 1766 Boonesboro Twp SC plat for Wm BROWN on Chickasaw Camp Br)
Road from Long Cane lower settlements to Charles Town (shown 1762 SC survey 22000 for foreign protestants from the Kingdom of Ireland as may arrive)
Cherokee Rd (crossing Big Beaver Dam Crk of Savannah R shown 1767 SC plat for John NEILING)
?'s new road (shown 1767 SC plat for John WALLACE in Boonesborough Twp on waters of Long Cane Crk)
Cherokee Rd (shown 1763 SC plat for Hugh KINGAN Boonesborough Twp Long Cane Crk)
Road to WOFFORDs Fort & road to Jas MEANS (shown 1765 SC plat for Joseph BREED Fairforest Crk)
Great Road & path across Horse Pond (1764 SC plat for Joseph BRADFORD Amelia Twp)