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This page created before 7 Dec 2008; last updated 1 Aug 2014.

in the area of Amelia Town (or, with contacts there)

GOSERT, Revd John, fl 1754 ss of Broad R

Chronological Listing

GUY, fl 1714 Church of England
LUDLUM, fl bef 1734 Church of England
GARDEN, fl 1734 Church of England
PRIEBER, fl Mar 1735
GIESSENDANNER, fl 1738 Presbyterian ordination; fl 1749 Chh of England ordination
BOLZIUS, fl 1750 Pietist near Savannah GA
DARGAN, fl 1754 SC Baptist
GASERT, fl 1755 SC (ment'd 1763 as Dissenting Congregation)
LUFT, fl 1755
TURQUAND, fl 1763 Church of England
ROWAN, John, fl 1763
DASER, fl 1788 German Protestant
BENIGAR or BINNIKER, Revd Mr Charles, fl 1795 Church of England
FRANKLOW, fl 1799 marriages Chh of England; later Lutheran?
(CATHCART, Revd Mr., fl 1754)?
(MAXWELL, Audley, et al, fl SC to Midway GA Presbyterian)
ZUBLY, fl bef 1748?
ZUBLY, fl 1736 New Windsor Twp
ZOUBERBUHLER, fl bef 1737 New Windsor Twp
ZOUBERBUHLER, fl 1765 GA St Patricks Psh
REESE, Dr. Thomas , fl bef 1792
BIGNION, the Revd Joseph, fl 1735 Orangeburgh Twp SC
MULKEY, Phillip, fl 1762 Tyger R Fairforest Crk DINING Crk

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Midway, GA (1756 petition re unpaid subscriptions; group went to Midway GA; requesting funding to complete the church)
Teachers & Schoolhouses
HART, Revd Oliver, fl 1775 St Marks Psh
NIXON, Revd Stephen fl 1809 Richland Dist SC
CRIMs Creek settlers
RANDOLSON, Revd William, fl bef 1775 SC Long Cane Settlement
Presbyterian Meeting House tract (shown adj 1772 SC plat for Jonathan MOTTE Little R)
Dissertation on Dissenters pre-Revolution