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Expansion of Carolina
BUNCH, John, Sr. -- his 350-ac tract, the lower boundary of the town
PRIEBER, Gotlieb -- his 600-ac tract, the upper boundary of the town
Pre-existing plats (taken in by the township)
Plats adj BUNCH--the lower boundary of the town (MICHIE's #80)
Town lots on the Front Street & Bay (Lots #71 - MICHIE's #80; CRIM & FLINT) & St JOHNs St
Town lots on the Bay (Lots #81-90)
Town lots on the Front Street (GAUNT's #93 & PUCKETT's #94)
Town lots on the Front Street (BROWN's #103, LACY's #110), JOHNSONs St & St JOHNs St
Town lots on the Outside St, WRIGHTs Street and PRINCEs Street (Lots #171-180)
Interior lots on COLLETONs Street and St JOHNs Street (Lots #181-190, CLEMENTS' #184)
Interior lots on JOHNSONs Street (300s)
Interior lots on JOHNSONs Street & the Parade (Lots #311-320)
Trading paths
The Parade

On the Bay -- Santee River

  • John BUNCH (Sr.) ment'd Jan 1735 SC plat for James MICHIE's Town Lot (#80 bnd'g se on a street & land of John BUNCH)
  • Gotlieb PRIEBER, fl 1735 on the Town & on the Commons of the Town & PRIBER Bluffs (later, 1756, James REID's)
  • William LOE, fl 1735 bndg ne & se on the Commons (& Christian Gottlieb PRIEBER)
  • Timothy PUCKETT, fl 1736 bndg Freeman SNELLGROVE, Gotlieb PRIEBER, William LOE & Miles JACKSON
  • PEARSON's Island (later, bef 1764, Capt. Peter ROBERTS')
  • Robert JOHNSON, Esq., Gov. of His Majesty's Council
  • Daniel H. TILLINGHAST, Surv. Genl. -- Surv General's Office Columbia, True copy of orig Survey cert'd Dec 1733 by G. HUNTER (7 Jun 1733 order from His Excellency Robert JOHNSON Esq) bnds Santee River & township on Edisto River

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire created 6 December 2008 to facilitate and encourage research on early settlers in South Carolina: especially the area north of what came to be known as Halfway Swamp Creek of Santee River and that part of land west of the Santee and near the mouth of the Wateree River (now Calhoun Co SC). Research has been difficult; and, facts, elusive. My interest in this area of research was piqued by comments made by The Revd. Paul McCULLOUGH (1903-1995); and, so, I am building this site in memory of him. Special thanks to the research staff at the Archives for being kind to me over the years; and, special thanks to an acquaintance through the AUDUBON Club who discussed the topic with me and shared his expertise on the usual layout of the town block by sketching the pattern for me. This page last updated 13 Apr 2014. Site last updated 10 Jun 2015 -- Capt William HOWELL & William TUCKER Esq ment'd 1771 plat for Nathan SENTER Congaree R Mill Crk [added to Officers & Magistrates pages]. Please come back and visit again! Feedback will be greatly appreciated.[wgw] Follow @WestWays

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