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Ferries in the area of Amelia Town

This page created 30 Dec 2008; last updated 6 Jun 2015.


Landing (shown 1749 SC plat for Arthur HOWELL Congaree R; ord'd 1758 Joseph CURRY)
JOYNER's Ferry (ment'd 1750 SC plat)
MYRICK's Ferry (ment'd 1750 SC plat Congaree R nr RAIFORD Crk & HAYs Mill)
Ferry Road to Mr BEARD's (ment'd 1756)
Rd to GARRETs Ferry (shown 1769 SC plat for Richard NORTH on WRIGHTs Br)
NEILSON's Ferry late BEARD's (ment'd 1762 SC)
Charles McCORD's Ferry (ment'd 1771 SC plat on New Road in forks of Wateree R & Congaree R)
Ferry to Orangeburg (ment'd 1774 SC plat for Henry MIDDLETON Esq north fork of Edisto R)
HOWELL's Ferry (ment'd 1776 SC will of Wm HOWELL)
HUGER's Landing (1786 SC petition for a ferry)
VANCE's Ferry
WEEKS' Landing (?)
ZEIGLER's Landing (ment'd bef 1839)
Road to SHERAWs ferry on the Broad River (ment'd 1773 SC plat for Leonard PRATT)
John McCORD's Ferry (ment'd 1767 SC plat for John ROACH in fork of Santee)
Road to RUSSELL's ferry (along Cabin Br of Congaree R) (shown 1767 SC plat for David EDMUNDS)


FAUST's Ford (shown 1763 SC plat on Broad River for Mary BOOKMIRE)
KELLEY's Ford (shown 1771 SC plat for Joseph FISH on small branch of Enoree R on road to KELLEY's ford
Fish Dam Ford on Saluda Road (ment'd 1767 SC plat on Broad River for Richard CROSSBEY)

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