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Ferry Road to Mr BEARD's -- ment'd 1756 SC plat Santee River

The ferry is ment'd 1753 road order -- settlement near Catawba nation to Charlestown: SC Statutes at Large, 1762, (Note: would appreciate some discussion on the location of this early ferry....) This page created 28 Nov 2009; last updated 25 May 2010.

Francis KINLOCH fl 1756 SC ns Santee River

BARKER, Charles -- 500 ac Santee R (1730 to Charles LESLIE)
LESLIE, Charles -- fl 1733 Craven Co SC mem 500 ac Santee R (orig Charles BARKER) (abt 1757 to FLOOD)
HEARIS, John (ment'd 1733 SC mem by LESLIE)
RICHARDSON, Edward -- fl 1754 SC plat JACK's Creek (shows Cut Path to BEARD's Ferry; bnds on James MAGERT)
KINLOCH, Francis -- fl 1756 SC plat on Santee R (bnds Geo BEARD dec'd, et al)
BEARD, George -- fl 1731 SC 500 ac Mary BETTESON tract
FLOOD, William -- fl 1770 SC Congaree River Back Sw (on Road to PITTEMAN's)
JAMESON, William -- fl 1759 SC mem (AINSLEY, BEARD & REID)
CRANE, John -- fl bef 1771 SC mem 300 ac Rock Sw (Wm FLUDD, Robt LEYELLJoseph REESE Sr, John TAYLOR
(HARRIS, John Epps)?
EVANS, John -- fl 1762 SC plat JACKs Crk (shows Path to RICHBOURG's water mill)
SULLIVAN, John -- fl 1771 SC plat JACKs Crk
RICHBURG, Claudius -- Path along JACK's Crk
RICHARDSON, Edward -- Cut Path to BEARD's Ferry (along JACK's Crk)

BEARD, George -- fl 1735 SC 200 ac Berkeley Co adj Matthew BEARD

BEARD, George -- fl 1735 SC plat (adj Matthew BEARD)
BEARD, Matthew
St JULIAN, Peter -- fl 1738 SC plat south side of Santee R adj BEARD & KINLOCH
FARAR, Benjamin -- fl 1759 SC plat St Matthews Psh nr NEILSON's Ferry (BEARD, BETYSON, BROUGHTON
McKELVEY, James -- fl 1770 SC plat St JOHNs Psh (bnds ne & se on the river, on BEARD & other tracts of McKELVEY's)
PRECHARD, James -- fl 1772 SC plat (KINLOCH, McKELVEY, HUGER, LOOCOCK, Capt Gabrl MARION, Joseph BRUNSON, James BEARD, George BEARD)
MARION, Capt Gabrl
BEARD, James
HARRIS, John Epps -- fl 1792 SC bet Wateree R & Congaree R (Aaron LOOCOCK & MASICK)

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