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Trading paths (pre 1760)

This page created before 1 Jan 2009; last updated 17 May 2015.


Path (shown 1733 Berkeley Co SC plat for Capt Robert TAYLOR St Johns Wampee)
Cherokee Path nr Twelve Mile Crk (shown 1735 SC plat for John BERESFORD)
Broad Path (shown 1738 plat for Mill on Savanny Hunt Crk)
Broad Path (shown 1738 SC plat for FRITCHMAN adj GARTMAN (BULL Sw?)
Broad Path (shown 1739 SC plat)
Cherokee old path (ment'd 1743 SC plat for LACY)
Main Road (shown 1748 plat for Robert ROGERS)
Path to the mill (ment'd 1749 SC plat for Edw JONES)
Path to the mill (ment'd 1749 SC plat for Archibald CAMPBELL)
Path to Mr. Miles JACKSON's Mill (ment'd 1749 SC plat Barnard LINDSEY)
Congaree Main Road (shown 1749 SC plat for Bernard LINDSEY)
Path to the river from Miles JACKSON's Mill (1749 STROMAN plat)
Path to Mill & Path to river from JACKSON's Mill (1749 STROMAN plat)
Old path to mill (ment'd 1749 SC plat for John CAMPBELL)
Main Road to Orangeburgh Twp (ment'd 1749 SC plat for O'HEARN)
River side Road (ment'd 1749 SC plat for Wm SINGFIELD adj John PAGE & DUNAVON ns South Santee (Saluda?) River showing Path to Mill, et al)
Road leading to Mrs MURRAY's (shown 1745 SC plat for William KING ss of Black R)
Path along the river (shown 1749 SC plat for Anthony WRIGHT ss Wateree R)
Path along river (shown Mary KING's 1749 SC plat on COLLINS River of Broad River)
Main Rd to Orangeburgh & Broad Rd to Amelia (ment'd 1749 SC plat for BAIGH)
Paths leaving tract (shown 1741 SC plat Philip RAIFORD ns Santee R)
Path along swamp to Capt CANTEY's (shown 1755 SC plat for David DAVIS)
Path along BUSH R or Crk (shown 1756 SC plat for Augustine WERNER adj Samuel JONES Santee R otherwise Gt Saludy)
Path (shown 1755 SC plat for John HAY Black R)

Other plats of interest

Main Road to the Congarees & path leading to the Four Holes (ment'd 1753 SC plat for WILDERMAN)
(Crossroad shown on 1749 LINDSEY plat)
(Dec 1753 precept) Impassable by reason of hurricane trees
(Jan 1753 plat) impassable by reason of a freshet
(May 1753) impassable by reason of a freshet in river
Path to JOYNERs & Path to SCURLOCKs (ment'd 1756 SC plat SABB)
Road to town & Road to Congarees (ment'd 1756 plat SABB)
Wagon Road to Charleston (1756 plat SABB)
Path on ns of Black Crk (1757 SC plat for Peter MELLET)
Path down the creek to the fort (shown 1766 SC plat for Benj FARAR Saluda R Mudlick Crk)
Path to Augusta (shown 1757 SC plat for Robert McKUTCHIN Beaverdam Crk of Ninety Six Crk Saludy River)
Path to PENNINGTON's (ment'd 1752 SC plat Indian Crk DUNCANs Crk
Path to Madam RUSSELL's; path to the mines; path to SULIVANT's; path to ford on High Hill Crk (shown 1753 SC plat for KENNERLY)
(Path?) in Amelia Township (ment'd 1750 SC plat for McTIRE adj VOERSTNER & RUSSELL)
Path up the river (ment'd 1750 SC plat for SWABB)
Path from the Congaree to the Catawba Nation (shown on 1753 SC plat for Richard KIRKLAND)
Main Road (ment'd 1750 SC plat for VOERSTNER)
Path to old HAVARD's & Path to TURNER's (shown 1752 SC plat for RAMPTON ns Saluda R)
Santee Path bet Swift Crk & SANDERS Br (shown 1752 SC plat for Wm BROWN)
Path to the Water Mill (ment'd 1750 plat for Martin Stouden MAYER)
Path to Mill & Path to river (1750 FLEUROT plat)
Orangeburgh Path (ment'd 1750 SC plat for Michael HAUK)
Waggon Road & Broad Road (show 1756 SC plat for Daniel HORSEY in the forks of Broad R on Second Crk adj Daniel WILLIAMS)
High Road (shown 1756 SC plat for Francis KINLOCH adj James McKELVEY)

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