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Thomas BROWN, fl 1743 as Trader of the Congarees, Saxe-Gotha Twp

(Note: this tract bnds NE on the Santee R and NW on "The Congree Town"; bnd's SE on land of John Wildrick MILLER--or, perhaps, John WILDRICK Miller; also, Lot #1 bndg NE on the Front St, NW on #2 Jacob HACKABEE; SW on #5 not laid out & SE on a Street...Cert'd 2 Feb 1735/1736 by Geo. HAIG, D.S....wgw 5/09) (Note: this plat sketch is unusual in that it's described as 100 ac for HUBERT & SPEAR while the sketch shows a rectangular tract evenly divided with 50 ac for HUBBERTS--on the river, and 50 ac for SPEAR...wgw 5/09) (Note: this appears to be the same tract sold by L&R from ... to Thomas BROWN in 1744...wgw 5/09) This page created 19 May 2009; last updated 19 May 2009.

Thomas BROWN -- fl 1744 L&R from HUBERT & SPEAR

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John HUBBERTS & Jacob SPEAR -- 1735 SC plat 100 ac on Santee R & Congree Town

MARION, Job -- fl 1770 SC 764 ac (bnds NE on the river)
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