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Roads in SC -- shown on post 1770 plats

This page created 2 Apr 2012; last updated 22 May 2015. Document needing more study.

Roads shown on plats dated 1770 or later

Stateburg ment'd 1805 SC plat for MAYRANT
YOUNG's Road (ment'd 1818 Abbeville Dist report by Reuben NASH re est ferry & road across Saluda & Reedy at juncture with Reedy R)
HENDERSON's Ferry Road (ment'd 1838 Newberry Dist SC petition)
Stage Rd & State Rd (ment'd abt 1839 SC petition)
The Ridge betw Turkey & SHAW Crks (shown 1772 SC plat for Lacon RYAN)
The Road leading to McCORDs Ferry (shown 1772 plat for Wm HOLLIDAY St Matthews Psh)
Road from the Ridge Saludy to Augusta (shown 1774 SC plat for Benj MAZYCK)
Road to Rocky (Mount?) (ment'd 1770 SC plat for Bird WALL ss Catawba R -- adj Wm WALL et al)
Mr HITE's Wagon Road (ment'd 1772 SC plat for Benj WILLIAMSON bndg Indian Land)
Road (shown 1771 Craven Co SC plat for Shearwood JAMES ns Wateree R on a Road)
7 mi from McCORD's Ferry (ment'd 1772 SC plat on Tom's Crk)
Road to Charleston (shown 1772 Berkeley Co SC plat for Ann HOWARD crossing Tyger River)
GREENs Road to Robt McAFEE's (shown 1772 SC plat for James BALLMER bet WHITAKERs Mount & Buffalo Crk waters of Broad R)
Waggon Road from Josiah PENDARVIS tract (shown 1775 Granville Co SC plat for John RUTLEDGE Esq on Indian Boundary line & Little R of Long Cane Crk)
Dutch Road (ment'd 1772 SC plat for Phillip HERMAN adj Christopher VICE Amelia Twp)
GILYARD's Road (ment'd 1772 SC plat for SIMPSON)
New Road from Congarees to Charles Town (shown 1776 SC plat for John RUTLEDGE Esq)
Road (shown 1773 SC plat Saluda R Red Bank Crk PENN Br)
Road to Augusta (shown 1771 Granville Co SC plat for Peter PARTON adj Richard PACE Senr near Pine Woods House)
Waggon Road from Ridge to GALPHINs (shown 1775 SC plat for Solomon WOOD adj Wm PINES on path to Saml? WOOD folley)
Road from the Ridge to Savannah (shown 1769 Craven Co SC plat for Wm PYNES)
Main Road (shown 1772 SC plat for BRADFORD High HIlls of Santee)
Old Road (shown 1771 SC plat for Isaac PORCHER MORRISes Crk NEDs Crk FLATT Br)
ONEALs Road (shown 1770 SC plat for Benjamin HAWKINS on NEDs Creek of Broad R)

Roads ment'd 1770-1780's -- South Carolina plats

Waggon Road from Green River to Charles Town (shown 1773 SC plat north side of Pacolet R)
Road from Charleston to Congarees (ment'd 1788 SC plat for Robt MORROW -- ment's Mary BROADWAY)
Waggon Road (shown 1773 Ninety Six Dist SC plat for George BLACKIE on FOX Crk of Savannah R)
Road to Ninety Six (shown 1775 SC plat for Robt ANGUS on N Edisto R)
Salisbury Road on province line (shown on 1774 SC plat)
Road from Saludah Old Town to Augusta (ment'd 1772 SC plat for Revd Samuel HART)
Road along PENN Crk (L Saluda R) (shown 1772 SC plat for William SAVAGE near Isaac GAILLARD DS & James PARSONS Esqr)
Road to the Warehouse on Savannah River (ment'd 1773 SC plat for Robt WARING on Red Bank Crk)
Road to Mr HAMMONDs Savannah R; old gt Road; Ninety Six Rd (shown 1773 SC plat for James PARSONS Esqr PEN Br)
Waggon road to the Congarees & Waggon road to Orangeburgh (ment'd 1771 SC plat on Twelve Mile Crk)
Wagon Road (shown 1770 SC plat for Robt WATKINS on COOPERs Br of PADGETTs Crk of Tyger R)
Road to Saludy Old Town (shown 1771 SC plat for Paul MAZYCK bet Saluda & Savannah R Little Saluda R Dry Crk)
Road from McCORD's ferry to Charleston (ment'd 1771 SC plat for HOWER)
Edisto old Road (shown on 1771 SC plat for Henry WHETSTONE)
The New Road (shown 1771 St Matthews Psh SC plat for Benj FARRAR)
Main Road (shown 1772 SC plat for BRADFORD)
Path (3) (shown 1775 SC plat for James PARSONS Esqr nr Revd Wm RANDOLSON, et al in Long Cane Settlement)
Great Road to McDONALDs Ford on Catawba River (shown 1771 SC plat for Catherine STEEL on Fishing Creek)
GRADONs Road (shown 1784? SC plat for MILLING on Reedy R)
Path (shown 1771 SC plat for Euclitus LONGSHORE on SIMMONS Br)
Road from the Ridge to the Congarees (shown 1771 SC plat for Wm MOULTRIE on Edisto R on the Rocky Br or Crk)
Road from North...Ferry to Orangeburg (shown 1774 SC plat for Henry MIDDLETON Esq)
Road from the Ridge to the Congarees (passing through Irish Settlement) (shown 1773 SC plat for Daniel CANNON on head branches of Clouds Creek of Little Saludy)
Road from Saluda to Augusta (shown 1774 SC plat for Honble John DRAYTON Esqr on NOBLEs Crk of STEPHENS's Crk & SHAWs Crk, br of Edisto R)

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Roads (1750- )
GILCHRIST's Path (ment'd 1774 Granville Co SC plat John LOGAN Turkey Crk)
Old Road to Bordeaux (shown 1770 Hillsborough Twp SC plat for John ANTHONY Buffalo Crk)
Road to New Bordeaux (shown 1774 SC plat for Thomas LEE in Hillsborough Twp)
Charles Town Road (shown 1774 SC plat for Wm MEWHINNY KINGs Crk)
Building on a Road (shown 1773 SC plat for Joachim BULOW -- including Peter BIHKELL's -- GRIMs Crk)
Coosawhatchee Bridge (abt 8 mi from 1771 SC plat for Elias JAUDON on Beaverdam & Bullhead)
Road to Augusta (shown 1772 SC plat for John MASON STEPHENS Crk Beaverdam Crk
Path or road (from Alard BELIN's tract) (shown 1770 SC plat for John McDONALD)
Waggon Road to Town (shown 1772 SC plat for Daniel JACKSON Fairforest Crk)
Roads (2) to Charlestown (shown 1772 SC plat for Willson THOMSON) -- 1 from Fairforest
Land surv'd for the Dutch (ment'd 1772 SC plat for Wm ROBINSON on Sleepy Crk of Savannah R)
STIVENDER's Road (ment'd 1772 Amelia Twp SC plat for Isaac PORCHER)
Congaree Road (shown 1773 SC plat St Matthews Parish roughly east from HOOKER to west through WOOTEN)
Road to SHAROWs ferry on Broad River (shown 1773 SC plat for Leonard PRATT Sandy R JOHNs Crk)
Road to Broad R (shown 1773 SC plat for Joseph TROTTER on drains of Sandy River)
Long Cane Road (shown 1773 SC plat William PERRIN Hard Labor Crk)
Path to Philip PEARSON's (shown 1773 SC plat for Mr John COOK of the Congarees Congaree R Dry Br)
Amelia New Road (shown 1771 SC plat George CHARLES ss Santee R)
Road (shown 1774 SC plat for Philip PEARSON bet Congaree & Wateree rivers near Cedar Creek)
Road (shown 1770 SC plat for Nicholas CURRIE bet Congaree & Wateree R Cedar Crk)